Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the go-to, simple-by-design, multi-purpose social collaboration platform. Groupsites are websites that bring together the most useful features of collaboration applications and social networks. Groups of all sizes can now easily Communicate, Share and Network. empowers you to stay connected to your community through Discussion Forums, Document and Calendar sharing, and Email communication that actually gets noticed by your audience!

How quickly can my group be up and running?

Your Groupsite can be up and running in minutes. First, select a plan, name your Groupsite and "Make It Happen". Your Groupsite is ready to use right away.

Is my Groupsite customizeable?

Every Groupsite features a simple user interface and main navigation that includes the core "Communicate", "Share" and "Network" activities clearly visible and accessible to all. You can customize your Groupsite with your company's name, colors and URL of your choice. You can also upload your own custom header and background that incorporates your organization’s branding into your Groupsite. All Groupsites allow you to easily customize your summary page and the sidebar areas of most of your Groupsite’s pages. Custom pages may be added as a premium feature.

What about privacy, security, and confidentiality?
Is training required to learn how to use the service?

Groupsites was built to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly so it's easy to learn and ready for immediate use. If you need any additional assistance, our Customer Support team is available to help with your specific questions!