is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) with a growing
suite of enterprise-class security features.

We are sensitive to compliance requirements and our own reputation depends on our ability to keep your data as secure as possible.

Our growing list of enterprise clients includes trusted associations and brands such as the American Bankers Associations, Centers for Disease Control, Accenture, Hilton Hotels and hundreds more.

SSL Encryption

All Groupsite login pages are password protected and secured by 128- bit Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Hence, all password data in transit to and from your Groupsite is encrypted to maximize your protection. 128-bit SSL encryption can be extended across an entire Groupsite by group managers with Groupsite plans that include the Enhanced Security feature.

Private Groupsites offers the ability for any group to be completely private where all group content is only visible to invited members upon successful login authentication. Private Groupsites are not indexed by search engines or searchable by outsiders. Additional security features and permission controls are available to further restrict access to areas including subgroups and file folders and access is set by group managers.

Membership Approval offers multiple levels of access for all Groupsites. These levels include: by invitation only, by approved request, anyone can join. Request approval and invitation only access offer the highest security. When access is set to by request approval, Groupsite managers are able to review requests for access prior to approving entry into the Groupsite.

Content Ownership

Any content added to a free Groupsite remains the property of the individual member who is posting; content added to a Groupsite with a paid subscription becomes the property of the person(s)/organization that owns the Groupsite. We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Groupsite.

Virus Scanning

All content uploaded to Groupsites are scanned for viruses.  File and document transmissions uploaded into Groupsites from individual group members are scanned to stop the spread of viruses before they present a problem for the entire organization.

Single Sign On provides single sign-on API access to Groupsite Enterprise customers. Single sign-on enables organizations with existing intranets and member credentials to enable member entry into their Groupsite(s) to originate from within an existing intranet or secured site where members have already been authenticated. SSO eliminates the need for multiple passwords and redundant logins.