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What is a Groupsite?

Groupsites are collaboration websites for groups. Groupsites enable groups to communicate, share and network to make things happen. Groupsites bring together only the most useful features of listservs, collaboration software and social networks into a system (i.e., collaboration community) that empower groups to easily communicate, share and network.

Groupsites are fun and easy to use, and functional!


How are Groupsites different than Facebook or Social Networks? is not a destination or social network like Facebook and Linkedin. We are not software that you buy and need your IT staff to maintain, like Sharepoint. We are not a listserv where emails sent back and forth live in your inbox like Yahoo! Groups. is a multi-purpose social collaboration platform. Groupsites are uncluttered with the needless distractions often found in Social Networks and are group-centric (as opposed to individual-centric, like Facebook). Groupsites are designed specifically to empower groups of all types and sizes to make things happen.


How quickly can my group be up and running?

Your Groupsite can be up and running in a matter of minutes. First, select a plan, name your Groupsite and "Make It Happen". Your Groupsite is ready to use right away.


What is the job of a Groupsite manager?

The creator of the Groupsite is automatically the group's initial manager. Once the Groupsite has been created, Manager controls can be assigned to other group members. Group Managers may customize the Groupsite, set group permissions, invite and manage group members, upgrade to any premium feature and more. These tasks may be completed very quickly and easily from within the Manager area (visible only to group managers) of the Groupsite.


Do I need an IT department to manage the system?

Absolutely not! You can create a Groupsite in a matter of minutes. After set-up, your site can be accessed through any computer anywhere in the world using a standard web browser and an Internet connection. Your members have real-time 24/7 access to each other, and you have 24/7 access to your members, all in a safe, secure, web-based environment.

There’s nothing to install and you don’t need an IT department to manage the service.


Can we run on our own servers? is a web-based, hosted platform. The service is not available for purchase to install on your own servers. We maintain the servers, the security, all the updates and improvements so you don’t have to worry about anything.


What about privacy, security, and confidentiality? servers are hosted in a state-of-the art, Tier 1 datacenter under 24 hour surveillance. Each account is password-protected. Groupsites can be upgraded to include 128-bit SSL encryption from within the Manager/Upgrade Groupsite area of your Groupsite.

We invite you to view our Privacy Policy and Security Policy.


Can I get my data out if I want to discontinue using

Yes, you can easily export Groupsite data out of the system at any time from within your Groupsite's Manager area. Data can be exported in XML and CSV formats.


Is data backed up in case of an emergency?

Data is backed up daily and written to multiple disks. We can perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our hardware is also fully redundant so even if one disk or server fails nothing will be lost.


Are Groupsites secure? takes security seriously. Click here for a full overview of our security policies.


Is training required to learn how to use the service?

Groupsites are designed to be easy to learn and can be used immediately. The service was built to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. We offer online video tutorials, FAQs and a very active users group.

Links to training and support resources are found at the right of this page, and under the HELP tab on the main navigation bar of all Groupsites.


What support resources are available?

The sidebar of this page offers links to a wealth of support including video tutorials, and FAQs about our features for both users and managers. We also have a very active users group, Champions.


How much does it cost?

Groupsites can be free. Depending on what you need you may never need more than our free offering. Start immediately with a free account and you can upgrade at any time. Also visit our pricing page.


Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

Groupsites are FREE to set up and premium features are billed on a month-to-month or annual basis and charged to a credit card. You can cancel premium features or delete your Groupsite at any time from the Manager area within your Groupsite.

For Groupsite plans of 1,000 members or more, contact us about an annually invoiced Enterprise Account.


Can we pay for our Groupsite a year in advance? Do you accept POs or payment by check?

You can subscribe to premium service on a month-to-month or annual basis and start or change a subscription at any time (annual subscriptions renew annually; contact if you need to switch annual billing to month-to-month billing). We only accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) for automated subscriptions and invoices are available for download right from inside your Groupsite. You can access your invoices by visiting the Account Summary page in the Manager area.

Groupsite Enterprise plans are billed annually and your invoices are emailed to you. Payment may be made by check or credit card; POs are accepted for Enterprise accounts.


Do I pay for individual users or blocks of users with Groupsite subscription plans?

Groupsite automated subscriptions are priced in preset user bundles: Small Team = 1 to 50 users; Large Team = 51 to 150 users; Collaboration Community = 151 to 300 users with additional users added in 100 user bundles as needed. For groups needing 1000 users or more, contact us about an Enterprise Account.


What happens when we reach our user limit?
Will members still be able to log-in?

Groupsite Managers can choose to allow their Groupsites to automatically upgrade to accomodate user growth or not. If automatically upgraded, users can join at any time and the Groupsite plan will grow with the number of users.

If the Manager chooses to limit growth (no automatic upgrade) new potential members/users will be able to request membership to a Groupsite that has reached its user limit. Managers will also get an email letting them know the user limit has been reached. No new members/users will be able to join a Groupsite that does not automatically upgrade, but existing members will always be able to log in.


Can we pay for multiple Groupsites to be used throughout our enterprise or organization?

Multiple Groupsites can be organized into one account using an Enterprise plan. Management can have top-down oversight and individual groups or departments can run their own Groupsites thru a Division of the Enterprise plan. The Organization can pay for the entire Enterprise Account or each Division can pay for their Groupsites. Contact for more information on Enterprise Accounts.


How customizable is a Groupsite?

You can customize your Groupsite with your company's name, colors and URL of your choice. As a premium option, you can upload your own custom header and background that incorporates your organization’s branding into your Groupsite. All Groupsites, even free ones, allow you to easily customize your summary page and the sidebar areas of most of your Groupsite’s pages. You can also add more, custom pages to your Groupsite as a premium feature.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. We give you the option of selecting a sub-domain or using your own custom domain name. A sub-domain looks something like: and is free of charge.

Or, use your own full, custom domain name by subscribing to the Large Team or Collaboration Community plan. Follow the directions on the Custom Domain page in the Manager area. Custom domain names are available for Enterprise plans too!


Can I make a Groupsite look like anything I want?

No. You can make amazing things happen with a Groupsite but a Groupsite, by any other name, is still a Groupsite. Every Groupsite has our hallmark, simple user interface and main navigation that includes the core Communicate, Share and Network activities clearly visible and accessible to all.

While each Groupsite is its own secure sanctuary, all Groupsites are powered by the platform. This allows you the simplicity of having a single log-in and password for all of your groups. You can easily switch between all the Groupsites to which you belong using the “Switch Groupsites” button at the top of every Groupsite page.