Mobile Devices

Use Groupsite Mobile Web to stay in-the-loop with your group via your mobile device. Access your group's activity, discussions, calendar and members from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Palm.

Stay on top of activity

  • Get an instance overview of activity
  • Respond Quickly
  • Remain connected

Participate in discussions

  • Initiate new discussions
  • Alert everyone via email*
  • Reply immediately to new posts

Access your group's calendar

  • Access your group's calendar
  • RSVP to event invites
  • Add events to your native calendar**

Instantly connect with members

  • Search group members
  • Initiate an email with 1-click*
  • Initiate a phone call with 1-click*
* feature is dependent on group or member settings
** coming soon
Groupsite Mobile Web comes standard with all Premium and Enterprise Plans

For Groupsite Managers

To purchase and enable Groupsite Mobile Web for your
entire group to use.

  1. Log in to your Groupsite
  2. Go to the Upgrade Groupsite area of your Manager tab
  3. Choose any premium feature plan that includes Mobile
  4. Checkout and purchase

For Groupsite Members

From the web browser on your mobile device, enter:
(substitute yourgroup with the web address of your Groupsite)

Once there, simply log in using your normal credentials.
Remember to add it to your home screen for easy access in
the future.