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Action = Results = Change

Biosphere X is dedicated to taking action and creating the results that bring about change. We only have one Earth. It takes care of us so let's care back.

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FOR PETS AND PEOPLE. 7+ it is a social website including (paltalk animal sounds for talking to other pets across the globe.) Pics, videos, blogs, and more!

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Vi Miere Crystal Healing Essences - This group is based on users of the Vi Miere essences. It is designed as a way to share experiences and get new ideas on how to broaden the use of the essences.

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Wildlife Artists & Photographers

a love of art, photography & nature ...

A Group where you can share your love of nature via any artform inlcuding fine art, photography, design, upcoming exhibitions, recommended galleries, multimedia, video, writings, web clippings, recommended books, poetry, sketchbook, travel journals. Also

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Animals First

A warm and welcoming site for those who love animals of every kind. We believe that animals are sentient beings that deserve love, caring and responsible guardians for long and healthy lives.

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 5 of 5