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The Resources to Establish your Business in Sydney

A group of businesses that provide a wide range of services for organisations setting up business operations in Sydney, Australia.

Category: Business / Finance
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Office Ninja

All things for office and business

Users of the Office website

Category: Business / Finance
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Generations at Play...and at Work

What do you get when you put 4 generations in 1 workplace?

In these tough economic times, is your workplace in need of some generational enjoyment? Come learn, laugh, and PLAY at this fantastic reception. Open the door to "generation education" while playing games from the past and present.

Category: Cultures / Community
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StarLeaf Business Services

Supporting Green Companies Virtually

Virtual Assistant passionate about Green Businesses, Environmental Issues and Helping Others. Expert MS Office user, 20 years in business support role. Hire us to help grow your business!

Category: Business / Finance
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Virtual Office Kent


As a Virtual Office, I would like to make contact with people who need assistance with any administrative or marketing work.

Category: Business / Finance
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SME Resources Sweden

This directory is intended for people and companies within SME and start-ups in Sweden. This is a support directory to guide owners and managers of SME and start-ups find resources needed for their organization.

Category: Business / Finance
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Commercial Real Estate

Strategies, Private Equity, Investment Portfolio, Mortgages, 1031X, Realtors, Taxes, Listings, Appraisers, Consultants,etc

This site is created for Professionals who are interested in all aspects of Commercial Real Estate. Based off the principle that referrals and open communication are ultimately the best source of business this site can be utilized to maximize your potenti

Category: Business / Finance
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The Young Entrepreneurs

Look out Richard Branson...Here comes the next generation of innovators!!

A portal for young entrepreneurs to gather, share ideas, thoughts, and connect with the worlds most innovative minds...

Category: Business / Finance
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Commercial Mortgage Hotline

Commercial Capital Alliance started this group to serve investors, new commercial mortgage LOs, residential LOs looking to expand their business, the experienced LO or broker that has run up against a brick wall on a specific loan scenario or anyone else

Category: Business / Finance
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B2B Professionals LV

We are a business to business network group offering our customers a resource for all of their business needs.

Category: Business / Finance
Members: 5 Membership: Invitation or by request


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