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The BookMark!

A place to make your mark.

A Place for Writer's, Reader's & Book Fans to make their mark!

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Enable the Extraordinary

Savoir Champions promote the mission of SavoirSoft by helping to advance the success of other SavoirSoft members and contributors, while improving SavoirSoft's D2-IP micro-licensing, micro-publishing platform.

Category: Other
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“Urban Beginnings of 1 Nation of People Outspoken With Enormous Ideas of Revitalization"

We provide legal programs,-Metropolitan Organization for Employment Law, Education, and Constitutional Awareness (MOECA), the Fatherhood Movement, and Justice First, assist persons traditionally underrepresented in the legal system. The Law Office of Mel

Category: Cultures / Community
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The Cascade Writers' Group Anthology Contest

Please go to for details.

A group for writers in the Cascade, MI and Grand Rapids, MI area. Members here offer advice on writing & publishing, and give feedback and constructive criticism on other's work.

Category: Hobbies / Crafts
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For the Human Spirit

It's never, EVER too late to follow your dreams

Get inspired to pursue your dreams by following Michael Combs dream to fly. Track his efforts to get his pilot's license, gather sponsors, and fly to all 50 states in just 40 flight days -- the first endeavor of it's kind in the Sport Light aircraft cate

Category: Other
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Embrace Your Greatness

EYG is collaborative effort of women who were determined not to quit. It is impossible to hinder a woman who is determined to succeed. Hinder -“To interfere with the movement, progress or development of something or somebody.” Find a woman who has her

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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Independent Authors

This Group is provide a platform for independant authors to identify and sell their books.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Monday Mover

Network so that you do not work

Ideal for employees and entrepreneurs that are interested in becoming better and helping others to do the same. Group site is anchored by a weekly newsletter found at

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 8 of 8