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innovative solutions. sustainable designs.

StudioLFG is a one stop source for news, events, and open forum discussions for design, environmental and real estate practitioners, educators, advocates, students and aficionados in the Washington DC/Baltimore metropolitan area

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Southwest Family Day [Lansburg Park | 2009]

This groupsite is established for the collaboration of the annual Southwest Family Day team members. This portal is used to plan, coordinate, budget, communicate, and keep stakeholders informed of all activirties associated with the planning and executio

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The Nextforce

Our Workplace. Our World. Our Generation

The Nextforce Online Community offers a medium for Young Professionals to share ideas, network and put perspective on their generation in the workplace. We invite young professionals, college students and the young at heart to join and Tell Your Story!

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dc urban studio

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 4 of 4