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Kevin McDonald Presents- Independent Music

This site is for artists and fans of the show to connect, network and help each other develop strategies to create, promote and market independent singers and songwriters

Category: Music
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Coffee Locals

Dedicated to providing a unique experience.

A group of independent coffee merchants dedicated to providing a unique experience in quality and taste. Our desire is to strengthen, promote and enhance local coffee establishments while creating awareness and support within our community.

Category: Business / Finance
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All About Society Travels

Please take a look at this video and then please call me and tell me what you think!

Stephanie Knox (267) 471-1200

Please accept this as my formal invitation for potential Business Partners:


9th, 16th,

Category: Sports / Recreation
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Indie Screenwriters

Free Workshops for the Independent Writer

Free 10 Week Screenwriting Workshop

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Stain On The Mainstream

Stain On The Mainstream is an 'approval based' membership community promoting the excellence of independent/unsigned artists and bands. Basically, if it stands out from anything mainstream, it's probably perfect here.

Category: Music
Members: 1 Membership: Invitation or by request is a new political social network site geared toward respectful, factual dialog, bill watchdog review, and lobby for honesty in politics. Respecting other members, integrity and fun are a top priority. If you have great ideas then get involved

Category: Government / Politics
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 6 of 6