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Fun Events

We create events in the Pasadena, CA area, and would love for anyone to sign up for ones they are interested in.

Events range from spiritual, success, kids, poetry readings, opne mics, and other events.

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Portals to Creativity

Creative types who are dialoging about finding and embracing their creative muse.
Writers, dreamers, painters, quilters, learners, and teachers contribute ideas and discussion about the creative process.

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Marcel Toussaint

Author, Poetry of a Lifetime

Emil Saint Pellicer, who is also Marcel Toussaint, is an award-winning writer whose poetry reflects his life experience--a life experience that for many years was one of privilege until fate and circumstances intervened.

From his childhood in Morocco,

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Arnie's Enterprises

from earth2 rebirth

To converse with literate Christians and hope-fulls and to market my poetry books.

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“Urban Beginnings of 1 Nation of People Outspoken With Enormous Ideas of Revitalization"

We provide legal programs,-Metropolitan Organization for Employment Law, Education, and Constitutional Awareness (MOECA), the Fatherhood Movement, and Justice First, assist persons traditionally underrepresented in the legal system. The Law Office of Mel

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 5 of 5