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Fun and Success After Sixty

The Best Is Now

This is a group of people who are 'in joy' with life and feel there's a lot to still accomplish. This is for people who want to connect with others to create something new, whether an idea, an invention, a pet project you've been working on. What do you

Category: Lifestyles
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i am the emperor of the world.we are fly youngster crew group.we are forever infamous.we are the richest crew in the history of the human race.prince william & prince harry are my true brothers.the prince of wales is my original father.i own all things.i

Category: Music
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Drinking Liberally Tucson

Drinking Liberally is a salon in a saloon. A place for liberally minded folks to meet, network, laugh, drink, and engage in responsible citizenship.

Category: Government / Politics
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Fun Events

We create events in the Pasadena, CA area, and would love for anyone to sign up for ones they are interested in.

Events range from spiritual, success, kids, poetry readings, opne mics, and other events.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Leannes Wardrobe

A collection of words and topics from out of the closet....

Category: Family / Home
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Boat Lovers

Your Source for Boat Activity, Sales and More!

Our group offers advise on how to purchase, sell or broker a boat, exchange ideas about places to go and overall boat experiences.

Category: Sports / Recreation
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The Young Entrepreneurs

Look out Richard Branson...Here comes the next generation of innovators!!

A portal for young entrepreneurs to gather, share ideas, thoughts, and connect with the worlds most innovative minds...

Category: Business / Finance
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IT Paintballers Group

Paintballing is one of the most exciting and addictive sports and I wanted to create a group that is for IT professionals who are either interested in experiencing paintball, or are avid players. If you play once, you will be hooked!

Category: Computers / Internet
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Outdoor Lesbians

..Because life is too short

Fun outdoor adventures for Lesbian women of all levels. Tired of only the happy hour scene? Come and get out and play with us. Golfing, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping and anything else that may pop up. Just request a membership (free) and you will be added

Category: Sports / Recreation
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Xtreme Gamers

Category: Games
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