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The Anti-Abortion Squad

Babies are just pint-sized men an women...

We are here to promote the rights of the unborn and to help bring about a new consciousness of the value of human life in the womb and in the world...

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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The Business Reinvention Expert

Reinventing Your Business for the greatest Profitability

Are you in professional transition and need help?
This group is for you, login to learn strategies, tips and suggestions to help you reinvent yourself during this transition
It's like having your very own Board of Advisors!

Category: Schools / Education
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The 38Hot Empire

The Place Is Here... The Time Is NOW! Let The World Know You Exist... Be Heard...

Join Us: Poets, writers, musicians and bands in all music genres, DJ's, painters, abstract and surreal artists, speakers, teachers, producers, comedians, models, fashion designers, vendors and business owners of all types, sculptors and more.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Um novo conceito está a nascer: Mudar de Vida! E tu também podes usufruir de tudo o que isso te pode proporcionar.

Category: Lifestyles
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EveryDay Epiphanies

Insights For Living With Purpose

Welcome to EveryDay Epiphanies!
This site serves as a secure private meeting place providing members of EveryDay Epiphanies with a forum to discuss their own epiphanies and insights or to comment on essays in the book. Book discussions and events can be

Category: Health / Wellness
Members: 25 Membership: Invitation or by request

Sustainable Creativity On Demand, Always.

Every successful human enterprise, relies on the spark of creative genius. At first glance it appears to come naturally only to certain specially gifted individuals.

Adapting and applying certain techniques from spiritual practices at the workplace can

Category: Health / Wellness
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Friends of KIM

Friends of KIM believes in keeping it moving on love and life for a better self, health and wealth.

Category: Cultures / Community
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living & working with awareness

not attached to region, religion.
understanding the game of universe.
living the life with awareness.

Category: Lifestyles
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Life and Stuff

welcome to an interesting place

somewhere to chill out and talk about kids, pets and life in general

Category: Family / Home
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Wide Asleep Slumber No More

This group was created to go with my new book Wide Asleep Slumber No More. A way to retrain your brain and change your limiting beliefs about yourself

Category: Health / Wellness
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 22