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It's What's Going Down

Since you always ask, it's only fit that you recieve!

You have arrived the the arising movement "It's What's Going Down" in the Sports & Entertainment Industries!

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Anytime, anywhere, anyhow ... Anyone!

WORKFORCE CREATIVE is the first ever third party sponsored mentor-apprentice resource site where You can Step up Your Social Media presence and be kept up to date on Your local social networking events & workshops.

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Women Supporting Women in Business

Networking for Success!

This group is dedicated to women who support/or help support their family with their own business.

Category: Business / Finance
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Christian Zone

The time has come for Christians from all over the world to unite with one voice in the name of Jesus. One has to admit that for far too many years and decades there has never been a global platform for Christians to share the word of God and their person

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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Attack! Marketing

Attack! is a brand communications agency, providing clients with a full range of strategy and execution services. We specialize in guerrilla and non-traditional marketing techniques to deliver your brand message into the hearts and minds of your target au

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Weathering The Storm

We exist to support on faith in god and Jesus Christ to encourage, inform, inspire, and provide resources for those who are going through a career transition, unemployed, or underemployed.
To make a distinctive, substantial, and positi

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SEA is the Society For Evolutionary Art, an Artist-Run Canadian Non-Profit Organization involved in art and arts education and community development . Art Events, Concerts, Music, Performances, Publishing, Workshops, Residences, Theatrical and Therapeutic

Category: Cultures / Community
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"The Site Encompassing Every Facet of Asian Entertainment Scene For The Global Asian Community" is happening NOW!

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Public Groupsites: 21 - 30 of 28