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This is where you belong if you are from Philadelphia and live in Los Angeles. We formed this community to establish a place of Support, Networking, Resources, and a family like - familiar environment for those that are 3000 miles away from the place we

Category: Cultures / Community
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abacin_advertising integrates online resources through Free Web Directory, Free Classifieds, Forum and Free Web Tools to help small business and individuals make and save money online. It helps you to establish disciplines in your daily life and business and live

Category: Computers / Internet
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Access to Success

A New Era in Business Collaboration

Access to Success is for companies engaged in business-to-business transactions. We are not a "social networking" site. We are a "business development" tool. The PRIMARY PURPOSE of Access to Success is to help you grow your company.

Category: Business / Finance
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Humas Resource Business Partner

Um dos maiores nomes na Gestão Estratégica de Negócios Corporativos de Recursos Humanos, Sr. Adriano Sena, apresenta a todos os profissionais da área de RH, como se tornou um ícone na área que mais cresce ao redor do mundo.
Graduado em Edificaçõe

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African Professionals Network

Brings together professionals of African origin and individuals interested in Africa to network with each other, create partnerships, have fun, and share ideas while becoming a resource for the group and the African community.

Category: Cultures / Community
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Agora, the World Vision Asia Pacific portal for DRR and Community Resilience

Gather, share and exchange ideas and resources to reduce risk and strengthen resilience

Category: Other
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AIDS Education and Training Centers National Resource Center

Category: Schools / Education
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Alumni Group


The Alumni Group is comprised of a coalition of faith-based partners and graduates of the "Pathways to Success Program" conducted by Connections to Success. The purpose of the group is to address the need to provide continuous support, resources, services

Category: Cultures / Community
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Amazon Green Club

Site goal is to argue my resources capitation project to are invested in environmental preservation will have associated for leisure and business tourism.

It also has as main goal investors' detection or investors' group and still of partnerships that

Category: Business / Finance
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American Indian TV

Experience the Original American

Do you have the skills, talent and resources to help bring into existence the first-ever all-Indian TV network to be delivered over the Internet? Welcome!!!

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 281