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Creating Strategic Alliances

Category: Business / Finance
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Spread the word of Quran

It is a basic duty of the Moslem is to promote Islam and its knowledge and the top way is to do it with reading and reciting the Quran Recitation is essential in the life of all Muslim’s and needs to be passed on to our youth right from an early age. Ho

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Gender Revisioning and Sexuality Pathways

It is the mission of GRASP to work within the LGBT community and the community at large to increase understanding and acceptance, promote positive perception internally and externally, in order to affirm and improve the quality of life for LGBT persons.

Category: Lifestyles
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Nederland Tennis Association

The Nederland Tennis Association promotes and develops the growth of tennis in the Nederland area.

Category: Sports / Recreation
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Wayne Education Association

United in the Defense of Educational Excellence

The Wayne Education Association is committed to working for the welfare of students, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all. We work to develop and promote the adoption of such personnel policies and stand

Category: Schools / Education
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Small Business Enterprise Centre

Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre (CSBEC) was established in 1983 and our vision is to promote people-centred employment, economic and enterprise development in the Canterbury region.

Category: Business / Finance
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TZM Lexington KY

this subchapter exist to discuss and promote awareness of The Zeitgeist Movement and the solutions proposed by The Venus Project. Remember that these solutions refer to a global resource based society, and do not include intentional communities, or short

Category: Cultures / Community
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Migrant Rights Centre Bristol

The Migrant Rights Centre works to promote human rights among migrants and their families and eliminate the risk of poverty, exclusion, exploitation and discrimination in Bristol and the greater Bristol area.

Category: Other
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My Biz Assistant

My Biz Assistant is a Sacramento based business specializing in providing a complete online business marketing package including an optimized website, blog, e-newsletter, social networking management, promotions and in-person networking consultation.

Category: Business / Finance
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CCIM Greater Los Angeles Chapter


To promote the highest ethical standards in commercial real estate, provide quality educational programs to members and related professionals, serve as a forum where intelligence and success can be shared and celebrated, and finally...

Category: Other
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 81