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Lesly Devereaux - Business Accelerator For Women

Author, Speaker, Personal & Professional Development Coach

Category: Business / Finance
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GEMS Women's Empowerment Club

The Fastest Growing Elite Women's Empowerment Club in the World

GEMS Women's Empowerment Club is an organization used to empower women to take control of their lives and break through any barriers that may be holding them back. Through this connection, they will move forward in fulfilling their purpose, equipping them

Category: Cultures / Community
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Give Real Hope Support Group

The "Give Real Hope Support Group" is a group of positive like minded People, Professionals & Business Owners, who share inspiring stories, provide information, engage in personal development and encourage others to Support Children, Empower Families and

Category: Other
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Central OEA/NEA Professional Issues Advocacy

ESP Development ~ Educator Standards and Evaluation ~ Data and Assessment ~ Educator Licensure & Resident Educator

Category: Schools / Education
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Global Professional Development

WorldTalents is a project created by professionals to offer mobile employee's spouse or partner opportunities to maintain or develop careers, studies and occupation, having the feeling to be in the right place at the right time.

Category: Schools / Education
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PDI - Professional Development Initiative

Human and Professional Development

Category: Schools / Education
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Tilt Forum

Evolve Yourself: And Watch the World Evolve Around You

The group of executive coaches and Human Resource professionals are Certified Tilt Practitioners and Certified Tilt Coaches. Go to to register for certification.

Leadership Development, Assessments for Creat

Category: Cultures / Community
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The Urban Reform Network

The Urban Reform Network (TURN) was founded in 2010 by me! I have a great team of savvy young professionals helping to make this dream come true! Our mission is two-fold: 1) To build a strong network of young movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, professiona

Category: Schools / Education
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Network City Detroit

Connect. Exchange. Grow.

Network City Detroit is a new way of connecting with like-minded business professionals. When we connect there is a mutual exchange of referrals, connections and opportunities to grow and expand our businesses. We promote our business face-to-face through

Category: Other
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Simplifying Sales, Accelerating Businesses . . .

We are a group of professionals who assist with sales simplification in the following verticals -
1. IT Services & Products
2. Physical Trading of Commodities
3. Real Estate

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 58