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Creating Future Millionaires

"Help Enough People Get What They Want and you'll Have Everything You Want."

We are an organization dedicated to creating 100 millionaires over the next 5 years. CFM INC. is constantly seeking out motivated individuals who want a financial change in their lives. Creating Future Millionaires is a organization where you can receive

Category: Business / Finance
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The Believers' Network

Bringing Freedom to People Everywhere, Through the Miraculous Love Power of The Gospel!

Our goal is to encourage and motivate Believers to network, study and share Gospel Truths and other resources, locally, nationally and Internationally. Our mission is to work together with Believers, and Ministries around the world in sharing Gospel

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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inspire,motivate and transform the mindset,attitude and beliefs of the youth of Africa to take a the continent to another level than now

Category: Regional
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EVOLV.Africa is an organization made up of highly motivated young professionals from various disciplines who are passionate about making a difference in their generation through social entrepreneurship and innovation.Our vision is to "spearhead the total

Category: Schools / Education
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1 Million Motivated Minds

Category: Cultures / Community
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saumya : be it

where, there is a will, there is a way.

Category: Lifestyles
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Get On Track!

The LifeTrax Community Is Designed To Inspire And Motivate You To Achieve All Your Goals!

We Invite You To Join The Community If You Are Someone Who Needs Motivation Or If You Are Someone Who Likes To Motivate And Inspire Others!

Category: Health / Wellness
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The Latina Leadership Initiative

The Latina Leadership Initiative promotes Latinas as progressive and confident leaders that continue to break barriers. We aim to communicate items that will motivate and propel Latinas to achieve their own personal and professional aspirations.

Category: Cultures / Community
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Getmotivated has one purpose and that is to help improve the lives of everyone.

I want us to work together and help each other to become the best we can be.
We are capable of so much more than we are today.

Together we can build ourselves a better

Category: Business / Finance
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Circle of Excellence

"it's all about the attitude in which you enter the water."

Iron sharpens iron; and this is a circle of excellence where we will sharpen one another to greatness in all areas.

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 17