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Marketing Health

Optimizing sales & marketing yield

This site is a meeting place for the Marketing wizards and Business management professionals who are working directly or indirectly with hospital industry. The objective is to promote "out of the box approach" in marketing , branding and community engagem

Category: Health / Wellness
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Pulling it all Together Parties

Your body is a gift and is unique only to you. Feel it, Love it, and Celebrate it!

Our parties are designs with two main purposes. One, as a way for a small women owned business to meet new customers. Two, a safe place to network, meet new friends and learn how to have a more a holistic approach to our busy lifestyles.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Sassy Swag Ent is a group reaching out to sophisticated and stylish individuals who like to party within classy enviroments.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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The Retreat Networking Group

Networking 2.0

Retreat Networking Group offers associations, groups, fraternities, and online social networks the ability to expand their communities to a safe, offline environment ,without any extra effort.
Retreat style networking extends, both the depth and bread

Category: Other
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 4 of 4