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Share Your Experience, Share Your Passion, Share Your Mind...Change the World, One Life at a Time!

Our One Planet Inc. (O1P) is contributing to making the world a better place, now and for generations to come.

We are bringing Love where hate exists, Hope where there is despair, Peace where there is strife, Sustenance where there is hunger, Health wh

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Life By Design - Expect Your Desires

In our audio and video programs we incorporate the sounds of relaxation, the induction of centering brain waves and growth affirmations that help to bring down the wall of conscious resistance and open the door of subconscious acceptance. We teach you to

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The Secret Law of Attraction

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Future Multiple Income Millionaire

Future Multiple Income Millionaire Group is decade to the Science of Getting Rich and the Law of Attraction. The club research the best personal development programs, resources for obtaining wealth and the marketing of products and services over the inter

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Law of Attraction Riches

You Can Have and Do Anything

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To build a community around encouraging ordinary people to use the power of singing.
I call my work Sing4All. I believe in using the power of singing to bump up the energy of our goals and dreams. This changes the sound track of our minds and activates t

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Earn While you Learn Its The Law Of Attraction

This is group is for the Esl and its members to participate in sharing and ideas of its sorts

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The Law of Attraction vs The Secret

Change What You Have Been Getting by Changing Your Mind

“The Law of Attraction vs. The Secret” is discussion group for people who may or may not have a full understanding the law of attraction. Here we will discuss the “The Secret” and why it is not a complete explanation of “The Law of Attraction”

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 8 of 8