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Huge Impact

It all starts with HI

Huge Impact LLC is a self marketing company. We produce and retail the He Card, which is a self promotional tool used to bring attention to ones self, and abilities. Users of the hi Cards create virtual interviews, Virtual introductions, Virtual business

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Networking Solutions for the Rest of us

Gofer Gigs places job seekers and professional in all the industries across the United States. Gofer Gigs is dedicated to matching highly skilled job seekers and professionals to the unique hiring requirements and workplace environment of employers.

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Employment & Jobseeking Tips

Employment tips.. what you need to get an
interview invitation. Hot sectors..The playing field.
Supply & Demand. Resumes & cover letters.

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Transcription Services

US based transcription service for media, business, legal and educational sectors, offering to transcribe for widely used audio and video formats like mp3, dss, mp4, real player, rma, rmv, wma, vob, avi etc. as well as recording types like interviews,

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"The Site Encompassing Every Facet of Asian Entertainment Scene For The Global Asian Community" is happening NOW!

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The ROI Radio Network

Interviews and Discussions on Online Media, Marketing & Technology

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