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Our team has decades of marketing exerience, and we believe this is an important element in your success on the web. In many cases today websites are designed by IT professionals who have no knowledge or experience in marketing. This is NOT a good idea, b

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helping hand in need

Babuji Seva Samstha is an volunteer organization located in Ponnur, Guntur Dist of AP. The members are engaged in volunteer work since 1995. And this groupsite gives the events conducting by Babuji Seva Samstha and their importance.
Visit: www.babujisev

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Hospitality Matters

Learning the skills with Style

What is important when you deal with and are expected to have passion for Hospitality Matters, we'll guide you along with style.

Category: Schools / Education
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cannibal clown

we are weird...we will take over the earth with our music...get use to it...

Bem vindo ao mundo do teatro do absurdo onde malabarismos vocais se confundem com acrobacias musicais em um picadeiro tetrico, esqueca todos os seus previos conceitos musicais estabelecidos mas atenha-se a coesao pois aqui isso e importante... bem vindo a

Category: Music
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GINGA - Financial Literacy

“Know the facts. It's your money. Plan your future”

About Ginga Financial Literacy Education GINGA provides a variety of educational information designed to help individuals everywhere take control of their financial situation and feel good about their financial future. Access free resources and tools, lik

Category: Business / Finance
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NBA Murmansk

Norwegian Business Association Murmansk (NBA) was established in June 2007 as a Norwegian non-commercial business organisation.

NBA is representing Norwegian business in Murmansk oblast and working actively on issues which are important to our member

Category: Business / Finance
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Conservative Allies

Welcome to our group, this is a extention of our established group of currently 897 members and growing weekly, we were established on 2/27/03 on MSN Groups. With the increasing threat of MSN closing, we found it neccessary to look for a group site replac

Category: Government / Politics
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Greatest Love

Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.

An ongoing discussion of Christ's teaching on and example of LOVE and it's utmost importance in following him, living out the good news, and being his church.

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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Chronic care - Disease Management

The road to Healthcare

This group is for people who realise the importance of chronic care and its impact on all the stake holders of the healthcare industry

Category: Health / Wellness
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Global Business Organisation-Manufacturer Club

Global Business Organization Manufacturer Club is a Social Network Made for Collaboration and common-interest-cooperation. As International Business World networks, GBO Manufacturer is also related to cultural aspects, which can have an influence on busin

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 11 - 20 of 34