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CREAiTIV Data Society

Visualizing Social Issue Analytics

CREAiTIV aims to bring together students of all disciplines to create innovative research through the technological emergence of Big Data. We hope to create partnerships with local non-profits to do some consulting or fund research projects in an effort t

Category: Science / Technology
Members: 6 Membership: Invitation or by request

Saudi Engineers Forum ملتقى المهندسين السعوديين

Category: Cultures / Community
Members: 17 Membership: Anyone can join


This group strives to encourage and support the use of Revit based software as a viable BIM solution for architects and engineers alike. We will bring together both students and professionals in an effort to expand our collective knowledge of Revit.

Category: Science / Technology
Members: 1 Membership: Invitation or by request


Category: Schools / Education
Members: 1 Membership: Invitation or by request

Young Engineers in ASHRAE

Category: Other
Members: 2 Membership: Invitation or by request


Networking for Enriching the Knowledge

This eGroup is formed by engineers of Maharashtra. Any engineer,organisation or student interested in Engineering, Technology and related Programmes, can join this eGroup.

This group is formed to encourage exchange of ideas and also fast communication

Category: Science / Technology
Members: 48 Membership: Invitation or by request

Greenson Consulting Engineers

Systems Engineering Specialists

Category: Other
Members: 1 Membership: Invitation or by request

Six Sigma India

Inspiring Young Minds, Facilitating Excellence

Institutes and Students can join this group to know how and why Six Sigma training can be useful for them.

Category: Schools / Education
Members: 238 Membership: Anyone can join

Automotive Innovations

Automotive Innovations and new product development - industry group of designers, engineers and program managers, OEM, Tiered Suppliers and Vehicle Modifiers to improve communications and product awareness, sponsored by emcol automotive innovations manage

Category: Business / Finance
Members: 1 Membership: Invitation or by request

Medical Architect Syndicate

advancing the design potential for future healthcare projects

This is a visceral community of united professionals in or around the healthcare arena. Input from architects, nurses, physicians, planners, engineers, administrators, patients, vendors, all stages of the design process can maximize the potential

Category: Health / Wellness
Members: 8 Membership: Invitation or by request


Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 17