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HR Central K.K.

Recruit. Develop. Learn.

HR Central K.K. ( is Japan's first and only fully-licensed search and recruiting consultancy specializing on executive, C-suite level, or "mission-critical" HR-related positions across all industries in Japan. HR Central K.K. envisions

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Los Santos Eco-Trail

Los Santos is a region in Costa Rica that harmonizes both cultural diversity and environmental beauty. The families of Los Santos have developed a 50km eco-trail that connects their sustainable coffee farms, with home-stay accommodations for guests. Tou

Category: Cultures / Community
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The Key Ring Network

You Hold The Key, Opening Top Companies To Top Candidates

This portal provides employers and canidates the opportunity to directly share information, network, coordinate recruiting efforts, learn specifics about a company or potential candidate.

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 3 of 3