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ENSEMBLE - The Mining Diversity Network

Supporting the Journey Towards Inclusion

Category: Business / Finance
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Unity in Diversity

Category: Cultures / Community
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ACCD Diversity in Curriculum

Category: Schools / Education
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Diversity in ICT Community of Practice

Increasing Diversity in ICT Education

Category: Schools / Education
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Guy Next Door

Our Mission: Guys next door exist to celebrate courage, friendship, love and diversity of Gay, Bisexual, Queer/Questioning individuals. Our Vision: Create a safe space to engage individuals in the celebration of their sexuality. Our Values: We will value

Bisexual-Gay-Homo-Metrosexual-Heterosexual-Straight-Tripper-Curios.Call Yourself Whatever You Want To,But One Thing Is For Sure, We Have Different Stories, Different Life.And now You Are Here to Witness The UNTOLD Story Of Kwentong BISEXUAL.!

Category: Relationships / Romance
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Black Alumni Connect

Where Net Work Increases Net Worth

Black Alumni Connect is the more than social network that engages and promotes black alumni through information, programs, events and new opportunities. Expanding our network while inspiring the life-after college journey.

Category: Cultures / Community
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Biodiversity Heritage Library

Category: Science / Technology
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Inspired by the book "High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them" by J.S Rischard (former World Bank Vice-President for Europe), the Global Issues Group helps students realize they can make a difference by empowering them to work internationall

Category: Other
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Nasscom Diversity & Inclusivity

Category: Business / Finance
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Los Santos Eco-Trail

Los Santos is a region in Costa Rica that harmonizes both cultural diversity and environmental beauty. The families of Los Santos have developed a 50km eco-trail that connects their sustainable coffee farms, with home-stay accommodations for guests. Tou

Category: Cultures / Community
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 31