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Young Members Council at TRB

Young professionals advancing the national transportation research agenda!

Young Members Council (YMC) at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) was created in order to encourage and expand young professional participation in all aspects of the TRB community. YMC aims to serve every young transportation professional aged 35 or

Category: Science / Technology
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The One Federation

One World, One Hope, One Destiny, One United Humanity

This is a open forum where Venus Project and Zeitgeist members and non members can debate relevant issues.

Category: Government / Politics
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Oregon Idaho Shining Stars

Our mission is to be world leaders in the distribution of whole-food concentrates while educating and inspiring people we touch about health, wellness, prosperity and taking control of their health.

This site is a meeting place that provides members of

Category: Health / Wellness
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GKK San Miguel Zone 9

GKK San Miguel Zone 9 is located at E. Jacinto, Davao City, and considered to be the oldest existing chapel with around seventy household members comprising the premier domain of Catholic community in Jacinto.
It is under the umbrella of Our Lady of Ffa

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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FTCC Training Technology

Federal Training Center Consortium (FTCC) members who wish to learn and share their experiences about technologies they are using to help their centers meet their training goals.

Category: Government / Politics
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Enable the Extraordinary

Savoir Champions promote the mission of SavoirSoft by helping to advance the success of other SavoirSoft members and contributors, while improving SavoirSoft's D2-IP micro-licensing, micro-publishing platform.

Category: Other
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This Group is focused on providing job seekers the opportunity to network with others in order to find employment. For those looking for talent, we encourage you to post job openings or contact members directly.

Category: Computers / Internet
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To promote, enhance, inculcate to the public community the social and health benefits of engaging in Para/Hang Glising (sport). To instill friendship, camaraderie, goodwill among members within and with other related associations. To undertake or particip

Category: Sports / Recreation
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Greater San Diego Business Association

Where Business People Connect!

The Greater San Diego Business Association promotes business development to increase economic opportunities for our members, the LGBT community and all who support business equality.

Category: Business / Finance
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Modern Freelance Writing Course

This group is for members of the Making a Living as a Modern Freelance Writer web course. If you'd like to learn more and jin this course, visit

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 35