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Get Found By Locals

We help businesses get found by local customers and customers find local businesses.

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Global Value Builders

Marketing Vision = Measurable Business-Building Results sm

We help US-based and international companies increase global organizational value by providing customer-driven solutions with expertise in all aspects of marketing.

Category: Business / Finance
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GoodPhone is the wireless provider that was formed to raise money for great causes. GoodPhone donates 7 percent of each customer's bill to the nonprofit of their choice. Join the good today at

Category: Other
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I Work Retail

This is a community for those who work in retail (anything serving customers really). Join this community as a place to share the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Category: Sports / Recreation
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Intent Global Management Services

Intent Global Management Services is an international service company.
We respond to the economic and social changes with intelligent and flexible
management. While improving the quality of our customers' products, systems
and processes, we try to e

Category: Business / Finance
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Internet Marketing for Beginners

Create an Internet Home Business From Scratch

Learn how to build an internet business from the ground up. Learn how to send targeted traffic to your website and how to create a following of fans. Stop throwing money at your website and get the customers you really need.

Category: Business / Finance
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Jeannine Fund Raisers

Fund Raising Made Easy since 1959

Our Groupsite helps customers of Jeannine Fund Raisers stay in touch about important information, tools and tips regarding your fundraising sales.

Category: Other
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Quality and service to all

At Kimbos Cakes we offer delicious, unique, and fun bespoke cakes to suit every occasion.

The business was born from Kim’s passion to design fun and delicious cakes. By growing the business through local customers and using her passion for detail to

Category: Other
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LGBT Self-ID Community of Practice

Successful Companies know their employees as well as their customers.

Category: Other
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Luxury Economics

Combining education, certification, and broadcast events, this community sets the standards, best practices, and benchmarks for the luxury sales, marketing and service professions. This group forecasts increased luxury sales based on the entire customer

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 21 - 30 of 71