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Managing Me

A place for first-line managers to support each another in managing staff, work, upper management, and themselves. Ask questions, offer suggestions, share stories- this is the one safe place to talk about your struggles because you can't at the office!

Category: Other
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2nd Wind Mentoring


The 2nd Wind Mentoring Project is a community of concerned citizens who are serious about intervention and support for at-risk children, youth, and young adults. 2nd Wind's efforts and advocacy is unique because in addition to our young people, assistanc

Category: Other
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In God We Are United!

GodUnited is a global networks of people of all ages , all races, all colors and all religions that are willing to unite together and believe in God to bring peace and promote social causes globally. In God We Are United!

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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Working Towards Excellence With Community Involvement

Community members, staff, students, family and friends can now participate in our efforts to stay open. We are inviting anyone who would like to join the cause. Alumni, students and others will come together and make a history!

Category: Schools / Education
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N a r c o l e p t i c : : A p p l e : : P o w e r b o o k s

Apple Powerbooks built a few years back have a manufacturing fault that has been traced back to a faulty heat sensor in the track pad. Ironically the sensor is made by HP! It causes the management s/w to shut down the computer because it generates false s

Category: Computers / Internet
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Dental Profitability

Better Patient Care Means Better Personal Reward!

Collaborative Group of dentists and dental professionals working to improve the quality of care for their patients and reap the financial rewards gained because they are better caregivers!!!

Category: Health / Wellness
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Millionaire’s Club

Millionaires: Mastering the Principles of Wealth

Have you ever wondered why some people get rich and others don't?

The key is preparation and planning. We are all born with the same ability for greatness. Therefore, if someone is doing something you are not - it is because they know something you d

Category: Business / Finance
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Outdoor Lesbians

..Because life is too short

Fun outdoor adventures for Lesbian women of all levels. Tired of only the happy hour scene? Come and get out and play with us. Golfing, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping and anything else that may pop up. Just request a membership (free) and you will be added

Category: Sports / Recreation
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one for ALL, all for ONE

A special interest group of alumni/students of IIM Ahmedabad and likeminded professionals committed to innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusive development India. The group comprises of independent professionals and firms collaborating for a cause.

Category: Business / Finance
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Chiru for People

Power to the People!

We are a community of Non-Resident Indians supporting Chiranjeevi to run for AP Office. Please join us for a good cause that benefits the common man.

Category: Cultures / Community
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Public Groupsites: 11 - 20 of 27