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Go For Change

Local Solutions for Global Concerns

Our purpose is to highlight the people and organizations in this region who are working for positive change.

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We are working locally in New York City on climate change. We recognize the large part that our city can play in healing global climate. Right now we are concentrating on two projects: first, to get city agencies to stop buying rainforest wood, and second

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Greater Philadelphia Cashflow Group

Meet and play the Rich Dad CASHFLOW 101 Game with local professionals and investors. Think of CASHFLOW as the MBA Program for people who want to have fun, learn fast and get rich.

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Light House Investor's Alliance

A Network of Real Estate Investors

Light House Investor's Alliance is your local Home Buying Service. We are an investment company that purchases single-family and multi-family homes.

We are constantly in the local real estate market as investors ourselves: finding houses that people mu

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Forex Trading

The Less I do, The More I Should Make

Forex Trading for Position or Swing Trades. Free Signals for Buying and selling currencies.

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"No one has more Enfluence than Everyone!"

iEnfluence is the first EVER real estate community. The real estate industry is the last of the major commerce industries to fully integrate and accept Web 2.0! (Needless to say we are already dipping our feet into Web 3.0, but I digress) Our concept is

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This site serves as a secure private meeting place for New and existing Syndi Members to train and build there Syndications. Members will have the tools to centralize communication, synchronize calendars, schedule meetings with syndication members all thr

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Real Estate questions answered

All your real estate questions answered.

John Reinhardt
RE/MAX Greater Atlanta
or call 678.784.4440

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Central New Jersey Home Buyers Group

A Great Resource For Central New Jersey Home Buyers To Meet And Find Answers To Their Questions

Networking Group Where Home Buyers In Central New Jersey Can Meet To Discuss Questions & Concerns Regarding Purchasing A New Home. Get Answers Regarding Closings Costs, Inspections, Financing And More!

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Boating Supplies

Buying tips and tricks pertaining to used boat parts.

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