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Lancaster PA Eldercare Provider Referal Network

Networking Forum fo Business Owners and Operators in the Central PA Region that specialize in providing Home and Community Based Services to the elderly an the disabled.

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Launch Dream

Going Global Via India

Create, nurture, productize, commercialize, and grow the next generation of new ventures, spin-offs, products or services by bridging the gap among users, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in India and abroad! Increase client revenues and profitabi

Category: Business / Finance
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LifeLong Learning

Networking group to share ideas, thoughts and issues regarding business training and development. Companies may also find training services to fit their needs.

Category: Business / Finance
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Marketing to Men

Marketing to Men is a niche category for all those retailers, either internet, retail, or other direct marketing companies who want to offer products and or services to Males ages 18-54.

This contest we are running is to vote for the Ultimate America

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Maryland Bookkeeping

Professional Outsourced Bookkeepers

Our goal is to provide the best quality bookkeeping services for your business without the complexities or cost involved in employing a bookkeeper. Banks and other financial institutions appreciate our accurate and timely financial reporting.

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McLeod Financial Services

Helping Businesses & Families Build Wealth

We are a group of independent professional men and women who have joined together to earn additional income and manage our own finances and part-time and full-time independent agents with HBW Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. McLeod Financial Service

Category: Business / Finance
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"Building Communities...One Business At A Time"

Member of to connect and share information with other MinorityBuzz members. Visit to check out the products and services of over 300 minority and women business owners.

Category: Cultures / Community
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My Technology Venture

I am Innovative; I am a founder of a successful venture...

If you are Innovative and a founder of an Innovative Technology Solution, share it with others to get maximum exposure, find people who have identical interests. Present your ideas, business, solutions and services to get recognized and opportunity to gro

Category: Science / Technology
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Nations Funding Source

Nation’s Funding Source, Inc. is a financial services company, engaged primarily in the mortgage banking Industry. We offer professional staff, personal service, competitive rates, and custom-tailored loans. To career minded individuals we offer a power

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Suppoorting Non-profit Management (800) 705-4026

Xpress Business Solutions Inc. (XBS), is a consulting practice which offers technical assistance, grantwriting, training and evaluation services to nonprofit entities, government agencies and corporations.
XBS provides organizational leaders the resource

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 21 - 30 of 47