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The Smart Parent

BarterBabies is a resource available to parents to help eliminate the cost of childcare. The cost is eliminated when parents exchange childcare with other parents in their area, this makes childcare free for both parents. You have nothing to lose. Visit o

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"The Site Encompassing Every Facet of Asian Entertainment Scene For The Global Asian Community" is happening NOW!

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Self Sufficient Living

"Achieving A Holistic Lifestyle"

Welcome to

Our guiding principles are:

Spend Wisely
Live simply.
Be happy and at peace.
Start with the basics.
Make do with what's available now.
Avoid going into debt.
Keep tax liabilities as low as possibl

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Work At Home Jobs Available!

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Sistah's Making Cents"

Take Control of your Finances Today!

Meet other women interested in taking control of their finances and learning the financial strategies available to them. Learn about fears,concerns and obstacles preventing you from obtaining your financial goals. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and various r

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Our group, offers a free basic service plan to all business owners. Small monthly upgrades are available if needed. Help your Business Grow- sign up today.

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Available Comix

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Public Groupsites: 21 - 30 of 27