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Vemma® Receives 2013 Direct Selling Association ETHOS Award

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The RetroBusiness Network

Business the old fashioned way, in a whole new way.

The main purpose for this site is to empower entreprenuers and local businesses. The message today is not much different than it has been in the past, but the way businesses deliver that message has changed, and the way people receive your messa

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Traffic Ticket Violators

My name is Jimmy Thomas and I am an attorney in Tampa. Many of us will receive a traffic violation during the course of our life. This group will focus on what legal rights you have to fight your citation and how to try and get it dismissed.

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DealerCommunity USA

Bringing Automotive Dealers Together

DealerCommunity USA is a FREE networking community that brings Auto Dealers from across America together to share ideas as well as offer and receive advise on navigating today's tough economic environment.

Category: Business / Finance
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Creating Future Millionaires

"Help Enough People Get What They Want and you'll Have Everything You Want."

We are an organization dedicated to creating 100 millionaires over the next 5 years. CFM INC. is constantly seeking out motivated individuals who want a financial change in their lives. Creating Future Millionaires is a organization where you can receive

Category: Business / Finance
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Moms Making Money

Moms do it all! We have mastered the role of Grand Central for our family's. It would cost a fortune to replace us and now we can bottle those skills and supplement family income. When was the last time you received a Thank YOu check froma busines for

Category: Family / Home
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Business Helpers

Helping Business People Succeed

We are a networking site to help people find more opportunities for business, jobs, education, and just plain getting together to exchange ideas. We want to keep things simple, but we also hope that our members can add and receive value through their par

Category: Business / Finance
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Live to Give Power Connections

A Place for Professionals to Receive Abundance by Giving

Category: Other
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GLBT Business & Social Network

Expand your network within the GLBT community. This is a business & social network. PLEASE MANAGE YOUR EMAIL PREFERENCE UNDER "MY SETTINGS | MY PREFERENCE". There you specify the types of emails from the group's posting you desire to receive.


Category: Lifestyles
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Supply Chain Professionals

Ask and You Shall Receive...

Supply Chain Professionals are dedicated members who want to help solve tough business problems and drive sustainability for 21st century companies. We contribute, share, and advance the best principles of strategy within supply chain management.

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 12