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For the Human Spirit

It's never, EVER too late to follow your dreams

Get inspired to pursue your dreams by following Michael Combs dream to fly. Track his efforts to get his pilot's license, gather sponsors, and fly to all 50 states in just 40 flight days -- the first endeavor of it's kind in the Sport Light aircraft cate

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inspire,motivate and transform the mindset,attitude and beliefs of the youth of Africa to take a the continent to another level than now

Category: Regional
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Benchmark 6ix Sigma Open Forum

Inspiring Minds, Facilitating Excellence

Join this groupsite to know how Six Sigma can be beneficial to an individual or an organization. Collaborate and learn new applications and techniques. Draw inspiration from others who have been successful. Ask questions and get prompt responses.

Category: Business / Finance
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The Flying Geese Community

Going Beyond Inspiration

The Space where we can meet to Inspire, Teach and Support each other to create better results for You, Me and the People we care for.

Category: Other
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Guided Business Plan

A Goal Without a Plan is just a Wish

Guided Business Plan is an entrepreneur-education firm. Our goal is to inspire entrepreneurs by providing access to resources to help them start or grow their business.

The Guided Business Plan User Community is for anyone who has purchased the GUIDED

Category: Business / Finance
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Black Christian Women Writers

Writing Corner for Black Christian Women

Black Christian Women Writers inspiring, edifying, encouraging and expressing views, as well as sharing ideas through the art of wholesome, decent, written creations

Category: Religion / Beliefs
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Musiknetværkets Inspirationsdag

Roskilde MUSIKBY – mener vi det virkelig og hvad kunne så være veje frem?

Roskilde har valgt en strategi – vi skal være musikby. Med udviklere, byplanlæggere og andre fagfolks øjne, er det helt rigtigt set. Roskilde kan med en sådan strategi differentiere sig – vi kan gøre os til noget særligt. Og så er valget naturl

Category: Music
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Free Arts Minnesota

Art Rocks!

Category: Cultures / Community
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Building Bro-Ken Women into Masterpieces for His Glory!

Category: Relationships / Romance
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Helping You To Connect With The Body of Christ Knowing Everyone Needs Somebody!

Category: Regional
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