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Alternate funding for businesses

Discuss various means of obtaining funding for a variety of business projects including commercial, hotels, resorts, and other funding projects. Investors are welcomed.

Category: Business / Finance
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Chino Hills - PROfessionals

Promoting Your Business Visibility In Chino Hills

We provide a place to network with business owners, managers, City officials, and important business figures throughout our community.

Category: Business / Finance
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Future Leaders Club

Middle East future leaders Club ClubMid Professional & Social Network is the perfect tool to create new business or personal connections not only with companies and individuals located in the Middle East, but-through its Worldwide coordinators living arou

Category: Cultures / Community
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Cruise & Holiday News

Thinking of a cruise or Holiday this groups associated blog has all the news and tips you need.

Category: Family / Home
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De sitio en sitio

Donde viajar libera tu mente

La red social en la que intercambiar opiniones e impresiones sobre los lugares que se han visitado, ofertas de viajes, y las opiniones que merecen las experiencias vividas por cada uno de los usuarios de esta red social.

Category: Hobbies / Crafts
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Duquesne University WPSTAJH

Maintaining relationships started on "The Bluff" in Pittsburgh, PA.

WPSTAJH = William Penn/Sunshine/Third Alternative/Joe Hammer

If you understand the meaning of WPSTAJH, you might be interested in joining this group -- to continue our "special Homecoming 2007" networking activities and communications!

Category: Cultures / Community
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Green Investment for life

Welcome! I invite global common citizen to explore Green investment for life. I hold many Green technology developments that can be certified among the best innovation, first, unique, best potential to serve as Global Green Solution for this upkeeping of

Category: Business / Finance
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High Rise Density Mixed Use Development for Residential-Retail-Offices-Retirement-Health-Hotel-Club-Timesharing.

Health and Wellness Community

Acquire a prime, 15-acre site for mixed use with approximately 3 million buildable square feet and appraised at $60 million ($20 per square foot) for
only $18 million with a buy back of $27 million in 5 years as a balloon payment with a profit of $9 mill

Category: Health / Wellness
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HLinks is a global network for hospitality professionals from the hotel, restaurant, nightclub, bar/lounge, travel and entertainment industries.

Category: Other
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Homeowner improvement projects

People helping people

Where homeowners can post their remodeling projects.

Category: Family / Home
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 32