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Globe Inter-Alumni Networking Society (GIANS)

Sharing Knowledge, Experience and Opportunities

Inter-networking group for all global college, and corporate alumni chapters located throughout the world. This network works in collaboration with alumni area offices to truly function as a cultural and academic bridge between professionals.

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Companies using Navisoin

To make list frim they companies whic is using Navision
- Sleep Hich (
- AL-dawaa (
- Callem

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Global Finance

we introduce you to a combination of legal, financial services and due diligence investigations provides hard hitting results for business development, preparation of investment projects, venture capital project financing, and protection of international

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HR is the biggest asset

Human Resources is the single biggest asset of any organization. We are here to discuss issues related to HR for the advancment in this field with excelence.

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Light... Camera ... and Click!!!

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Jeddah People Update

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saudi medical staff

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GND Corporation

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 23