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Eritropolis Music Network

Bust a bit

Category: Music
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Excel Group

Category: Computers / Internet
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Category: Sports / Recreation
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Fist of the North Star

brings back the memories of this classic story

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Media Metropolis

Frapix is a social network focused on the webdesign and programming.

Category: Computers / Internet
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GET Connected

Category: Other
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Global Business Organisation-Entertainment Specialist

Global Business Organization Entertainment Club is a Social Network Made for Collaboration and common-interest-cooperation. As International Business World networks, GBO Entertainment is also related to cultural aspects, which can have an influence on bus

Category: Entertainment / Arts
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Category: Schools / Education
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Healthcare Technology Alliance

Since it's inception in October of 2007, the Healthcare Technology Alliance (HTA) has grown to over 1,500 members on CollectiveX. The CollectiveX Groupsite has allowed members to collaborate on technical projects related to healthcare technology today and

Category: Health / Wellness
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High Rise Density Mixed Use Development for Residential-Retail-Offices-Retirement-Health-Hotel-Club-Timesharing.

Health and Wellness Community

Acquire a prime, 15-acre site for mixed use with approximately 3 million buildable square feet and appraised at $60 million ($20 per square foot) for
only $18 million with a buy back of $27 million in 5 years as a balloon payment with a profit of $9 mill

Category: Health / Wellness
Members: 5 Membership: Anyone can join


Public Groupsites: 11 - 20 of 78