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Hello, Architekt !

Human Experiences Architect - Relational Artist - Organizational Storyteller - Ubiquitous Computing Advisor

A rare and skillful collective of Conversation & Information Architects, Relational, Conceptual, Semantic and Visual Artists, Creative Directors & Producers, Strategic Advisors, User Experience Planners, Multidisciplinary Performers, Interaction Designers

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Cams chat 18+

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Montreal Groovy/Grails User Group

A professional group for Groovy/Grails users and developers and anyone interested in Groovy/Grails.

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Diamonds II Wholesale -Newer Parcels

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Social iBusiness

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GreenLife Members share a common goal: lead a healthy life and take care of our home-our planet Earth.

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Global Deal Making Group GDMG

GDMG Creates wealth for Personal and Social Cause

GDMG members can partner in deal making opportunities without any financial investment. We diagnosis intrinsic values in businesses and than structure deal with our partners on profit sharing basis.

Category: Business / Finance
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Public Groupsites: 1 - 10 of 37