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Marketing Health

Optimizing sales & marketing yield

This site is a meeting place for the Marketing wizards and Business management professionals who are working directly or indirectly with hospital industry. The objective is to promote "out of the box approach" in marketing , branding and community engagem

Category: Health / Wellness
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Building Tomorrow's Bank

Let's Talk Banking Innovation

An exclusive group for bankers and industry thought leaders. Join the conversation at Building Tomorrow's Bank Community

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Business Strategy Consulting for Collaborative Global Innovation.

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The Global Network

Download articles related to Healthcare & Retail

Category: Health / Wellness
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Friends of Bihar 2.0

Making of the Re-birth of a Civilization, come join us !

This is a meeting place for Professionals Globally in diverse fields including but not limited to Management,Engineering,IT,Education,Media, Healthcare,Tourism,Govt.

Professionals who feel that Bihar 2.0 could be the story of the century, ”waiting to

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People who love gourmet cooking and love "perfect" restaurants

Category: Lifestyles
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Lawn Millionaire club

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Share what you have, Learn what you don't !

Telecommunications - The Group is all new and specialized Telecom Industry Networking Platform. A unique place where Telecom deal can be discussed.

The group is created in September 2009 after 2 years on LinkedIN and Google Group presence with the p

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Training Excellence

'Your best teacher is your last mistake.'
I had an extraordinary opportunity to work for the last 16 years in ITeS, RETAIL, TELECOM,BFSI sectors with the industry leaders. With the last few years of challenging & exciting accomplishments with few leading

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Public Groupsites: 11 - 20 of 178