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NTOC Forums & Traffic Signal Library

Your Resource for Management and Operations, Safety and Maintenance

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Technology Innovation Center

Where entrepreneurs worldwide meet to succeed!

The Technology Innovation Center has helped entrepreneurs succeed for over 21 years. It has fostered the growth of over 300 companies since 1986, including:

Peapod, Inc.
Cognitek, former employer of Larry Page, co-founder of Google

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Young Members Council at TRB

Young professionals advancing the national transportation research agenda!

Young Members Council (YMC) at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) was created in order to encourage and expand young professional participation in all aspects of the TRB community. YMC aims to serve every young transportation professional aged 35 or

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Association of Technical Communicators

Innovation • Collaboration

The Association of Technical Communicators aims to bring technical communicators together. We are passionate about techcomm and building a community based on innovation and collaboration.

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IPC Technet

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BDPA news and your iCommunity

The bdpatoday Groupsite is an interactive portal designed and deployed to capture local technology news, best practices, and community success stories from BDPA Chapters and ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology) industries.

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BDPA Cincinnati

Advancing IT Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom

BDPA Cincinnati is focused on the education life cycle of IT folks from the boardroom to the classroom. The IT industry grows and evolves. BDPA programs are designed to aid IT students and professionals reach their full potential.

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OSA Volunteers Forum

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Quadruplexes refer to four-stranded nucleic acids, especially those formed by the association of four guanine bases to form a G-tetrad as shown below. These tetrads can stack on each other, forming a G-quadruplex structure. These may be tetramolecular, bi

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CKSHARE Robotics Community

Working together to increase the competitiveness of all teams

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Public Groupsites: 11 - 20 of 658