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China Energy & Environment Roundtable Series (D.C.)

A meet up group in Washington, D.C. for enthusiasts of China's energy and environmental scene. This is an affiliate group of the Beijing Energy Network.

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现在全球的环境在急剧变化,人类赖以生存的地球正在变得不适合居住. 中国的环境问题非常严重,现在能看到蓝天白云的地方越来越少了.所以我觉得我们需要做点什么,最起码要想办法把国人动员

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Environmental Networking

This group as the main goal of establishes contacts between members of this community that are linked to the business environmental areas.

That includes alternative energies, biological agriculture, radical sports, sustainable tourism and fair trade.

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Go For Change

Local Solutions for Global Concerns

Our purpose is to highlight the people and organizations in this region who are working for positive change.

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Great Lakes Project - Trustees & Staff

Five Great Lakes Two Countries Once Chance

This site is intended for use by trustees and staff of The Nature Conservancy's Great Lakes Project. Membership is by approved request or invitation only.

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KCB Local Affiliates and Proud Community Program

Keep California Beautiful (KCB), an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, is a nonprofit environmental organization established in 1990. KCB’s mission is to promote individual, community and corporate responsibility for California’s environment. We p

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Keep Rockland Beautiful

Clean Streets = Clean Streams

Rockkland County, NY, residents and businesses and local government people interested in stopping litter, getting illegal dumps cleaned up, and promoting public awareness of the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter, poor property maintenan

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We are working locally in New York City on climate change. We recognize the large part that our city can play in healing global climate. Right now we are concentrating on two projects: first, to get city agencies to stop buying rainforest wood, and second

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Public Groupsites: 1 - 8 of 8