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How they found Groupsite

The ABA learned about Groupsites as part of our review of online community providers. We did an in-depth review of three providers, looking at technical aspects, reliability, an intuitive interface and ease-of-use for administrators and users, reporting and analytics, level of customization, and of course pricing. We found the offering met our requirements and liked the fact that administrators did not have to go through extensive training to manage each site, as this was menu-driven and relatively easy to learn. It was important to us that we could fully customize the “look and feel” for our members, and this functionality was very flexible.

How they’re using it

ABA uses for several sites, each targeted to specific audiences within our membership. We currently have live sites for the Trust, Commercial Lending, Compliance, and Bank Marketing segments, with more sites under consideration. Access to the sites is exclusively for ABA members as a member benefit. Our Groupsites have already been very well received by our members, with numbers of users regularly growing, and the level of engagement in terms of the number of discussion topics posted also steadily increasing.

Benefits gained

We appreciate the way the ABA Groupsites have provided another means to build a sense of community among our members, and in a cost-effective manner. People come to ABA conferences and recognize people they have seen on the Groupsite, greatly facilitating networking. The ABA Marketing Network (ABAMN) groupsite was the first site we launched, and has been very successful with this audience. In our recent annual survey among the ABAMN members, the Groupsite was very highly rated as an important member benefit.

Other uses

We have introduced Groupsites for ABA schools, to facilitate faculty communicating with students throughout the year on assignments, interim course work, and sharing additional resources. The students also appreciate this form of professional networking in between school sessions.

Our division, ABA Professional Development, has around 100 staff members, and we have launched a Groupsite to help facilitate communications across our various departments. This is a great vehicle to celebrate a success with the entire division, and a way to share new ideas. We have several staff members who work remotely around the country, and this helps them to feel connected to the rest of the group.

- Maggie Kelly, Vice President, Marketing, ABA Professional Development


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