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How they found Groupsite

I learned about GroupSites through LinkedIn.com. One of the people in my network on LinkedIn also happened to be the administrator for the HealthCare Technology Alliance Groupsite, which I decided to join.

How they’re using it

We are using our Groupsite primarily as an information base and communication channel for our homeowners. We found that it allows us to more easily communicate with homeowners, instead of waiting to communicate everything in our meetings, which only happen 6 times per year - or communicating via our newsletter - which is sent quarterly.

It also allows homeowners to communicate with each other about security issues, maintenance issues, in real time, instead of waiting weeks to share information. It is also a great benefit for our Board of Directors, because we don't have to rely so much on our Property Management Company, for our homeowners to gain access to forms & documents.

In addition, the Groupsite is especially important for our communications to our homeowners because we have a lot of part year residents in our community that live out of the state 1/2 of the year, as well as absentee landlords.

Benefits gained

The benefits that we are receiving are not necessarily measurable in the terms of dollars and cents. The main benefit we have received is that having the website creates a greater sense of community, since people are often too busy to attend face to face meetings or unable to attend face to face meetings due to their location, it gives them more peace of mind to be able to stay informed about the events going on at the property on more of a real time basis.

Other uses

I think that it is very likely that we will start to use the Groupsite to collect information from residents, using HTML based forms, in addition to allowing them to download certain forms.  One thing that all Property Management Companies fall short on is reporting and data collection. They all have antiquated systems, and Property Management Companies don't give you your data, when they are replaced with another Property Management Company, which happens often due to management issues. I want to use the Groupsite platform as a way to collect data in the future, so the HOA and its Board Members will have control over the data, in the long term, regardless of who the Property Management Company is.

- Demetria Ward, Milano Terrace Home Owners Association


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