Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

How they found Groupsite

I was invited to a local Orange County networking group that was using a Groupsite. When I saw how effective it was for this group and how easy it was to create my own by simply clicking the “Create Groupsite” link at the top of the page, I set one up for my Church.

How they’re using it

The Groupsite is being used as a form of communication among church members. Many are seniors and it was important to have a tool that was easy to use and would be adopted by users of all levels of computer skills.

Benefits gained

While I set up the Groupsite initially, I have since made the Pastors managers of the Groupsite and have turned the keys over to them and they are now running the Groupsite on a day to day basis.

Other uses

The group is just starting to investigate the power of Subgroups and how to best use them to communicate with special interest groups within the congregation.

- Edward Hernandez, Congregation Member


Social Community


Visibility: Limited

Membership: By invitation or approved request

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