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STEM Power

How they found Groupsite

We were made aware of Groupsites through our colleagues at Monster and SHE Design. We were looking to build an online center for the general public to become aware of our program and access program services, as well as to combine that with being able to operate administrative functions behind the scenes. In discussing this with Monster and SHE, they recommended Groupsites. 

How they’re using it

We are using the site for several purposes: landing spot for the general public to become aware of the STEMPower program; online center for program participants to access program services which include STEM career coaching, blueprint development, networking, job search, and mentor program; behind the scenes administration for our Advisory Council, STEM coaches, and mentors; provide additional benefits for employers to be involved with STEMPower through job postings, featuring jobs/employers, featured mentor and locating grant opportunities for workforce development initiatives. We are also working to provide a central spot to unify STEM activities around what will become known as the website to go to for STEM initiatives in the region. With some of the great RSS feed features, being current and up to date (which is crucial) becomes easier than it used to be.

Benefits gained

This is a very cost effective way of us having an online presence and it provides us with a high degree of functionality. We will be able to serve more participants because of the subgroups and the ability to blog, email blast and create discussion groups. Since our program covers a large geographic region, it also provides a great way to work cohesively with the entire team.  

Other uses

This particular Groupsite is fairly new, so some other uses are just beginning to pop up. We are hoping to attract more resources to our program because of the site. This is one way that will allow the program to continue to grow.

- Lisa Derby Oden, M.S.,
 STEM Project Director


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