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IPC Expo Exhibitors

How they found Groupsite

When ACT (Expocad) launched their user group community using a Groupsite, I was in the midst of researching virtual event and matchmaking software, as well as diving into the social media tank. The extremely user-friendly function and seamless customization of the site peeked my interest immediately.

How they’re using it

I have two Groupsites that I use to communicate logistical and marketing information to exhibitors at our two annual tradeshows. All exhibitor contacts and their teams are invited to the site. I use the Group Blog for interesting articles and reminders, and upload all documents related to the event to the File Cabinet for easy retrieval by members. I also include Photo Galleries from the event, which has been a popular portion of the site for those that are not able to travel to the event.

Benefits gained

Tapping in to the social networking hemisphere can seem daunting, but with Groupsites, why wouldn’t you want to? It’s easy to customize and brand for your own event. The cost savings in launching our Groupsites has been tremendous – we’re saving on outsourcing costs, and the time of our own staff members.

Other uses

Government Relations Group, Environmental, Health and Safety Group, Committee workgroups

- Sarah Martino, CEM, Exhibit Operations Manager, IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries©


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