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How they found Groupsite

We learned about at an MBA Career Services Council conference two years ago.  A colleague from another university was presenting a session and mentioned how his program was using a Groupsite to keep in touch with alumni and involve them in program activities. 

How they’re using it

Our Groupsite serves several functions.  It is a directory for current students and alumni to find each other based upon their employer, geographic location, etc.  It provides a great tool for networking, whether it be for job searching, reconnecting with classmates, or networking for personal/business purposes. We share news about college events and updates so we can keep our alumni base informed and involved.  The photo galleries serve as a great way to share pictures and demonstrate all that is going on on-campus.

Benefits gained

We were looking for a tool to not only track alumni, but get them involved.  Our Groupsite grew quickly when we launched it last year.  Our current goals are to add to our membership and increase involvement on the site.  It is a great resource to offer to our constituents, particularly in a tough job market.  While the group members may not know each other from their time in the MBA program, they serve as “warm contacts” that can be very helpful to each other.  The areas of expertise and industries represented are a great resource for the whole group, especially current students seeking input and direction.    

Other uses

For now, our major focus has been our student/alumni network.  We are exploring other ways that Groupsites can support other academic entities. 

- Sally Foster, Director of MBA Career Services, University of Kentucky


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