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Motor City Connect
Motor City Connect

How they found Groupsite

One of our group leaders found it. We were using a YahooGroup and wanted to move to a more robust site. The final choices were between and Ning. Groupsites was chosen because of their ease of use and the upcoming events.

How they’re using it

We use our Groupsite to keep our 4,000 members connected to all the greatness there is in Detroit. What started as a business networking group is now a movement. A wave of positivity that shines the light on great businesses, cool people and the things they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Benefits gained

The main benefit is the ease of communicating. There are significant cost savings, but it’s really about the conversations. The ability to allow members to self identify into subgroups has been highly beneficial.

Other uses

We have been a catalyst for numerous Groupsites in our area. I know of at least 12 other groups that have started as an offshoot from MCC. Most of those are networking groups. Some of them are specific to businesses, being used like Facebook's fan pages.

- Terry Bean, CEO, Networked, Inc.


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