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Blue Sky Factory

How they found Groupsite has been a partner and customer of Blue Sky Factory, since early 2008.  We were searching for software to use for hosting our help documentation for Publicaster and met with the Groupsite team to discuss using a Groupsite for the Publicaster Learning Center. 

How they’re using it

We use our Groupsite to host and update documentation on our email marketing product, Publicaster.  This includes full section-by-section how-to guides, FAQ’s, a blog, and discussion boards for users to ask questions and share their email marketing tips with others.

Benefits gained

Our Groupsite is vital to our day-to-day support work.  The support team uses the Learning Center as a resource to provide customers and Blue Sky Factory staff with in-depth information on the features in the system, making it easy for anyone in the office to provide an answer to a question.  This helps save us time and allows us to work on other projects, such as the new Publicaster Education Series webinars. 

It also provides a valuable support function for Publicaster users.  It’s a training tool for new users and long-time customers alike, since we update for changes in Publicaster very frequently.  Members of the Learning Center can access the information anytime to get an answer to their question, so if they’re working on an email in the middle of the night they can always search the FAQs to help them get their email out.  Overall it’s been very helpful for both sides of the support process. Outside of the support function, we hope to grow our Groupsite into a true user community, where users can not only ask questions but can also share their experiences with others.  

Other uses

I’m not aware of any users who have created their own sites as a result of using ours just yet, but hopefully once the user community grows we’ll hear more about spinoff groups!

- Melanie Sims, Support Manager, Blue Sky Factory


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