Join a Winning Team is building a team of talented, hard working, fun loving people. We believe our best employees are also Groupsite users who are passionate about our product.

We are looking for self-starters who are experienced in areas such as customer support, user experience design, front-end web and graphic design, Ruby on Rails application development, and business development. Applicants should also have a solid understanding of the needs of our target customer base.

Current Positions

Customer Support Manager

Summary: is a profitable startup building a platform that sits at the intersection of online groups and listservs (Yahoo! Groups), collaboration software (MS Sharepoint) and social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook). Our core application has been live and growing in users since 2006. We offer a great learning opportunity in a company led by a CEO who has founded previous successful startups, and have an established team and proven business model.

This is a management level Communications & Customer Support position. You must be willing to work in a rapidly changing environment and be passionate about the idea of using Groupsites to help our customers achieve their goals.

You must be an experienced manager with experience working in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment that demands focus and grace under pressure. Exceptional communications skills including experience working with executives, users and engineers will ensure your success. Experience with, and interest in, consumer web products is a plus.

This is a hands-on role for someone who wants a leadership role while remaining deeply involved with customer support operations.

There are 4 main areas of opportunity and responsibility:

  1. Customer Service Support. Provide general assistance to Groupsite users through research, FAQs, ticket tracking systems and system/internet software knowledge. Research issues and respond to customer inquiries and feature request enhancements via email, telephone, online discussion or Skype. May provide assistance concerning the use of computer software, including Web browser and security settings. Document technical issues and assist in processing them to a resolved state, with communication back to the customer and/or our online Champions community.
  2. Management. Manage customer support team staff and processes to meet business needs, including processes to support Client Services and the handling of Key Accounts. Identify best practices and research/evaluate new tools to improve efficiencies. Communicate and coordinate responses with Executives and Client Services as needed, especially as related to public or sensitive discussions and service to Enterprise/Key Accounts.
  3. Contribute to Product Management / Feature Development / Testing. This position will help identify and document the needs and wants of customers, help identify and define opportunities and assist in the defining and testing of new enhancements. Assist in developing tests and coordinating testing of new features. Assist development team in documenting needs, testing bug fixes and prioritizing work.
  4. Customer Communications. Help people understand and use Groupsites by developing FAQS, preparing and/or distributing system messages and email to the Champions community and Groupsite Managers. This may include developing new service announcements, customer surveys, videos and announcements regarding changes to the system, service or status of their account.

Key Responsibilities:



Senior Rails Developer

Our team wants you if you are an experienced, passionate Ruby developer ready to work on some exciting new projects. You must know consumer web products and have a knack for improving existing ones. We pay great salaries and include generous stock options. We prefer candidates who can come into our Columbia, MD office a few days a week, but we will happily discuss telecommuting options. We enjoy our jobs while building something unique and profitable for a growing market.

Our hosted platform sits at the intersection of online groups/listservs (Yahoo! Groups), collaboration software (MS Sharepoint), and social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook). We meet the growing demand for "collaboration communities" by offering an unparalleled, seamless and completely integrated service where group members can communicate, share, and network to make things happen.

Our users have created over 40,000 Groupsites. In addition to thousands of individuals who have created Groupsites, organizations using our service include Accenture, The Nature Conservancy, American Chemical Society, ACORE, National Education Association, the American Bankers Association, Jacksonville Jaguars, Monster Government Solutions and more.

Technologies we use and love and hope you do too: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Nginx, Unicorn, Cucumber, Rspec, MySQL, Memcached, Redis, Resque, HTML5, HAML, Sass (SCSS), Compass, Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery, Solr, git, postfix, vim, emacs, Amazon S3, Pivotal Tracker, New Relic RPM, Hoptoad.

Familiarity with REST principles, relational DB design, new NoSQL options, web design and usability, listservs and web forums, content management systems, web security, and mobile web development is desirable. If you are passionate about scaling web infrastructure, zero downtime, pair programming, continuous integration and deployment, the YAGNI ethic, behavior driven design, and agile development, then we'd love to have you.

Candidates with demonstrable open source contributions will be given priority. Send us your Github (or Launchpad, Bitbucket, etc) username, please!

Apply: Send an email to